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New Cryptocurrency Developments: Week 4, 2019

According to the president and CEO of Nasdaq Inc in the name of Adena Friedman, he has a belief that in the future, cryptocurrencies will have an important role to play if they can find greater practical utility and integrate into the economy.

There is a country who might be at the forefront of the retail adoption of cryptocurrencies and that country is none other than Japan. Most countries are tilting towards a cashless society today and presently most of the transactions in Japan is mainly done using the metal coins and paper bills.

Some of the top banks in Japan have been working on some of the payment networks that are blockchain based and these payment networks must be functional and operational in time for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo by year 2020.

If this move is successful, there might be a change in the third largest economy of the world which will propel other economies around the world to take notice and make a change.

Georgia has started using the blockchain platform for most of their services which includes the land registry and the tax system might soon be included. We hope Georgia beats other cryptocurrency nations like Bermuda, Malta amongst others.

Hopefully Georgia becomes an international leader in cryptocurrency, this is because presently there is a subsidization presently in most local cryptocurrency companies in Georgia through various means.

Some of them are tax-free zones and land at cheap prices, electricity rates amongst others. Things are gradually improving in the cryptocurrency world and more developments are still going to take place.


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