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MTN 1000 for 4GB: SIM Is Not Eligible Issues (Fixed)

Have You Tried The MTN 1000 for 4GB and you’re not eligible? Well, you have come to the right place. In the MTN Deal Zone, you can spend just N1000 for 4GB, however, if your SIM is not eligible here are the things you can do. The Deal Zone is obviously not for everyone as MTN is only making sure their esteemed customers enjoy data bonus. By esteemed, you have to be an hardcore MTN subscriber to be eligible for the N1000 for 4GB.

MTN is known for its fast internet connection, although the network provider is also famous for being the most expensive internet provider in the country. But with these new data plans for its loyal customers, you can easily enjoy the fast internet connection for just little money.

MTN Deal Zone Data Plans (MTN N1000 for 4GB)

The MTN N1000 for 4GB data plan is pretty popular, buy that’s not the only plan on MTN Deal Zone. The package has been going on for a while, where customers on the plan enjoy huge data for small money. Previously, it was N200 for 750MB, N1000 for 1.3GB and N2000 for 3.5GB. But that’s not the case anymore as MTN has updated the zone recently.

You now get;

• 250MB for N100.

• 1GB for N200.

• 4GB for N1,000.

How To Subscribe for MTN 1000 for 4GB

MTN 1000 for 4GB

To subscribe for MTN 1000 for 4GB, simply dial ×131×65# and follow the prompts. Specifically, choose “3” and proceed.

How To Be Eligible For MTN 1000 for 4GB

Have you tried doing the above and you’re not eligible? Then you are on the right page. Before you subscribe to the plan, you have to join the MTN Deal Zone first. To join the zone, simply dial ×449×2# and follow the prompts, you’ll receive a confirmation message. After that, you have to recharge your line with at least N1000. Now, go ahead and dial ×131×65# and subscribe for the number 3. This worked for us, did it work for you? Let us know by using the comment box below.



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