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Modern Strike Online MOD APK Hack Cheats Unlimited Gold, Money

Download Modern Strike Online MOD APK hack here for mobile with cheats and enjoy unlimited gold and money. So I was wandering about on the internet and I came across this wonderful and competitive online FPS shooter. I know there are slot of them available but there’s something about this one that stood out. I also saw a link to the modified version and I decided to share. The game features 3D graphics that will keep you opening the app daily.

Modern Strike Online MOD APK

It’s jaw dropping graphics and optimization, even on low-performing devices is only similar to the Modern Warplanes and Cover Fire. It’s time to head to the battlefield and kick some ass, get ready to confront your long lost enemies and show them how it’s done. With 8 different game modes, it’s quite difficult choosing the one to play.

Types Of Gamemodes

• Team Deathmatch: You get to battle against each other, defeat the opposing team and claim the crown.

• Deathmatch: Just defeat the other players as much as possible.

• Team DM with a Bomb: A squad get to become Counter-Terrorists, the other team become Terrorists. The terrorists will plant the bomb, while the other diffuses it.

• Duel: Face your opponent one on one and battle to the death of any of you. There are other Gamemodes as well.

Download Modern Strike Online Hack Unlimited Gold, Money

Modern Strike Online MOD APK

To defeat people easily in the game you need to get the hacked version. Because when you do, you will be able to enjoy unlimited gold. This can be used to upgrade your gear and become a bigger FPS threat. Unlimited money will get you all type of weapons from guns, pistols, tommy-guns, shotgun, grenades, rockets and body armors. Even though you might enjoy the game at first, I still think it will make the game boring at some point though.

Unlimited Money, Gold, Grenades and Weapons

Don’t worry too much, I will be leaving a link below for you to download Modern Strike Online hacked and modified version. If you need unlimited gold, money and the items listed above as well then the Modern Strike Online MOD APK download link below which has been heavily modified should also help you get that. Please note that you’re advised to download the game from the Google Play Store link. We always recommend you install the game from the Play Store below.

Download from Google Play

How To Download Modern Strike Online MOD APK + OBB Offline

Just a heads up, when you hack the game you might get banned with all your progress deleted. But you can still get unlimited money and gold when you download the modified version below and enjoy the game now with everything unlocked. You don’t need any hack tool, just go ahead and download Modern Strike Online MOD APK + OBB data file below and play offline.

==> NB: Please note that we typically don’t support downloading APK or MODed apps because of the danger it brings and the unknown virus that might find its way to your device. But if you still insist, then you can go ahead and follow the instructions below to download the mod version directly.

Download MOD APK

• Extract the OBB and move to “sdcard/android/data”

• Install and Enjoy!


We actually don’t encourage downloading APK or Modified apps outside the Google Play Store. You may end up downloading a virus that will slow down or even break your phone. You can click on the first link above and download the game, then you can support the developer by making an in-app purchase if there’s one.

We want to hear from you. Don’t forget to drop a comment below and let us know if the game is actually working and if you got unlimited items.


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