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Millionaire Trivia MOD APK Hack Cheats Unlimited Coins, Diamonds

Download Millionaire Trivia: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire MOD APK hack free latest version offline with cheats, unlock answers. It’s a trivia game taking after the popular TV show “Who wants to be a millionaire”? If you’re a fan of the TV show, you’d definitely love this game as it brings the frills and thrills of the popular TV show to your mobile.

Millionaire Trivia MOD APK

This game helps you test your knowledge on several topics including history, geography, logic, and celebrity. So, are you ready to climb the money tree and be the next millionaire? As expected, the game features the classic life lines of Who Wants To be a Millionaire. Lifelines are special arrangements to help you answer a question correctly. There are 3 different lifelines, one is the 50-50.

This eliminates two random wrong options, leaving you with one correct option and one incorrect option. The other lifeline is phoning a friend where you’re giving the opportunity to call any of your friend, dictate the question to him/her. He/she is expected to give you an answer and assure you. The call will last just 30 secs after which the line is cut. The last lifeline is the ask the audience feature, members of the audience are asked to answer the questions. And you can now decide the right answer based on the answers from the audience.

Download Millionaire Trivia Hack Answers

Features Millionaire Trivia hack version
MOD Coins, Diamonds
Unlock Answers
Upgrade XP

APK Details

File Rating 4.5 Star
File Size 55MB
Age Rating 3+
Gameplay Rating 3.9 Star
Graphics Rating 3.9 Star
Controls Rating 3.9 Star
Released & Platform iOS & Android
Play Store Download See Below

Download from Google Play

How To Download Millionaire Trivia MOD APK + OBB Offline

You can download the game with unlimited everything and upgrades, through the Millionaire Trivia: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire MOD APK + OBB data file links below.

Please NOTE that we reserve the right to remove the link whenever we want without prior notice. MobileCryptoTech.com don’t support downloading and hacking APK or MODed apps

Download MOD APK 2

• Just know that when the MOD version gets patched don’t worry, you can Download Freedom APK to MOD it yourself.

• Unzip/Extract the downloaded OBB and put it in path Sdcard>Android>OBB

• Install and Enjoy!


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