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Kartra Review: How To Login, Pricing, Free Trial & Affiliates

In this article, we will be taking a look at kartra. We all know how tiring and stressful running an online business can be, especially when you don’t have the skill required to do everything yourself and have to outsource different parts to different people. More often than not, this usually ends in the chaos which is where Kartra comes in.

What is Kartra?


Simply put, Kartra is an all-in-one tool you can use to make starting up and running your online business a lot easier, without needing to outsource the workload to different people. It comes with a lot of different tools for different purposes, all aimed at letting you do whatever you want on your website effortlessly.

For example, you can design your website to look and feel the way you want without having any coding skills. This is thanks to their already available long list of templates to choose from with more being added with time. If you end up not liking this already available templates available, you can always build yours with the easy to build template maker on kartra which a beginner can do.


That’s not all and like I said earlier, it is made up of different tools all wrapped into one for easy use. The tools available in kartra includes Checkouts, Pages, Leads, Funnels and Campaigns, Mail, Memberships, Videos, Helpdesk, Calendars, forms, Affiliates, Agency and Marketplace. It also has integrations and API that allows all of the different Kartra tools to communicate effortlessly with each other.

The Pages allow you to create business-standard pages for your website and doesn’t require any knowledge of coding. You can build from scratch or choose from the already made templates on Kartra pages.

The Checkouts Like the name suggests, it lets you create beautiful, clean and secure checkout forms for both credit cards and PayPal. This is obviously for those running an e-commerce website.

Customer Service

The Mail allows you to not only manage your business email but to make certain emails automated, while Helpdesk allows you to provide support to people in a nice and organized way. It also has other tools at its disposal.

Kartra Pricing

Kartra has a total of about 4 plans currently, below are the name of the plans as well as the price for each.

  • “Starter” – Costs $99/Month
  • “Silver” – Costs $199/Month
  • “Gold” – Costs $299/Month
  • “Platinum” – Costs $499/Month

Obviously, each of the above plans has a different limit on their features, it looks more expensive than Ecomhunt. You can the plans section on their website (home.kartra.com/checkout) for more details on each plan. You can also opt for the yearly plan for each of the bundles above and get about a 20% discount (That is if you pay for a year at once).

They also have a money-back guaranteed rule on their website which means that if you’re not happy with any of their plans after the first month, you can opt to get your money back. Definitely worth the try in my opinion.


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