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“I’ve Given Away 15,678 Bitcoins ($100m) Already” – Jeff Garzik

According to Jeff Garzik, who is one of the Pioneer’s of bitcoin, said yesterday that Bitcoin is actually a success and is something that evolves with time. He said this during an interview he granted with Bloomberg on November 9.

He went ahead and noted that even though Bitcoin might not have evolved into a means of payment as he first thought. It is still “unquestionably a success” and has a store of value.

Garzik who is also the “third-biggest contributor” to Bitcoin’s code and one of the creators went further to say that “Bitcoin is an organism, it’s something that evolves.“

“As a father I enjoy watching my kids grow up, even as they make mistakes or grow in ways that I wouldn’t expect”, he concluded.

Jeff Garzik use to write software code for Bitcoin in July 2010 where he also wrote so many brilliant things about Bitcoin and so far he has given away Bitcoin valued at over $100 million (15,678 BTC) at today’s market prices, according to Bloomberg.

He declined to disclose his current holdings. Garzik, stopped coding for Bitcoin in 2016 and today he is one of the boards of crypto payments processor Bitpay. He is also one of the boards of the mining tech firm Bitfury and also that of the Linux Foundation. He has also co-founded the enterprise blockchain startup Bloq Inc.

Although, there is a good news today as the Top 10 cyprocurrencies has been relatively stable within the past 24hours with just a few who lost some percentages out of their prices. The largest cryptocurrency value Bitcoin gained 0.35 % to its worth, it went up to $ 6,403 from $ 6,380 having suffered some losses yesterday.

Ethereum went up also to $211 from $209 gaining about 0.86%. Eos went higher to $5.39 from $5.37 gaining 0.40%. Zcash and Litecoin gained 0.99% and 0.47% to their prices each. Monero on the other hand lost 0.11% of its worth, it went down from $107 to $106 losing 0.11%.


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