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How to View Website Source Code with Chrome In 3 Clicks

Do you want to learn how to view website source code with Chrome? Have you ever wondered what sort of code is rendering a lovely interface on a website and wish to view the source code? Underneath all the delightful pictures, flawless typography, and superbly set suggestions to take action lies your webpage source code. This is the code your program transforms into magnificent experience for your visitors and users regularly.

Google and other web crawlers “read” this code to figure out where your webpages ought to show up in their files for a given search query. Thus, a great deal of SEO depends to what’s in your source code.

In this post, we’ll be teaching you how to view the source code of a website in chrome. This is a brisk explainer to tell you the best way to see a website source code. We previously showed you how to Make Money on WhatsApp and earn a living on Facebook.

Something other than HTML

One thing to recall is that source codes can be exceptionally muddled (and the more intricate the site you are viewing is, the more unpredictable that site’s code is probably going to be).

In addition to the HTML structure that makes up the page you are viewing, there will likewise be CSS that manage the visual appearance of that site. Also, numerous sites today will incorporate scripts (JS) alongside the HTML.

How to View Website Source Code

So how would you view the source code of a site? Here are the well-ordered directions to do as such using the Google Chrome browser. To view the source code of a page in Google Chrome, do the following.

• Press Ctrl+U on your PC’s keyboard Or Open Chrome and navigate to the webpage.

• Click on the top-right icon in the screen, this will show a dropdown list.

how to view website source code

• Move your mouse to “More tools” and click on Developer tools

how to view website source code

• This will split your screen into 2 and show you some options

• Click on the forward arrow button as shown below

how to view website source code

This will load some sort of file explorer showing files of the website. You can double click on any file to view the content (source code).

• Tip: With the most recent versions of Chrome, you can view the source code directly by pressing F12.

Is Viewing Source Code Legal?

Throughout the years, we have had numerous new website developers question whether it is worthy to view a webpage’s source code and use it for their instruction and eventually for the work that they do.

While duplicating a site’s code is absolutely not satisfactory and illegal, utilizing that code as a springboard to gain from is entirely welcomed in the tech industry. If you’re using a mobile phone, you can watch the video below, to view source code on mobile.

Now that you know how to view the source code of a website with Chrome, it’s time to go show off to your friends with the new trick you’ve learnt.


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