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How to See Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android, iPhone

Looking for how to see deleted WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone? Have you at any point invested hours obsessing about that critical chat you deleted on WhatsApp? We have all been in that circumstance and have in the long run lamented that unintentional activity. In this post, we’ll show you ways to see deleted WhatsApp message.

WhatsApp as of now offers two choices in the event that you need to delete the message however there is no simple technique to reverse that.

how to see deleted WhatsApp messages

Things turn more regrettable in the event that you have deleted a whole chat. While this is for the sender and recipient both, the Delete for Everyone alternative won’t make the message available on the recipient’s end.

For what reason do you see the This Message was Deleted Message?

On the off chance that you use whatsApp enough you should have seen the message in a chat inevitably that reads: This message was Deleted. This is a cool element that WhatsApp actualized that you can use to delete a message that you have officially sent. It works since somebody may get a message yet they don’t read it immediately.

With the new delete feature of WhatsApp, the other party is able to choose to Delete a message. So envision your crush just admitted his or her affection and afterward backed down and deleted the message. You would never know cos the message was deleted and all you will see is “This message was deleted”.

Step by step instructions to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages

There are two ways to see deleted WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone, see them below.

1. WhatsApp Chat Backup

The first sure method to read deleted WhatsApp messages is by utilizing WhatsApp chat backup. It is important that, the majority of your WhatsApp chats are backup regularly.

WhatsApp chat backup usually occurs 2am every day. So here’s the manner by which to use WhatsApp chat backup to reestablish deleted WhatsApp messages.

• Uninstall WhatsApp from your cell phone.

• Now re-install WhatsApp straight from Google playstore.

• Next up, setup your WhatsApp.

• Lastly, in the “Restore chat history” window click the “Restore” button.

The majority of your chats including the deleted messages on WhatsApp will be naturally re-established using WhatsApp chat backup. You can also see the hidden secrets about making money on WhatsApp.

2. Notification Managing Applications

The following most ideal approach to read deleted WhatsApp messages is by using a third-party application called Notification History.

Install the popular notification history application Notisave from Google Play Store. After installing, open the application and search for WhatsApp symbol and you will almost certainly see those messages.

So, these are two straightforward techniques to see deleted WhatsApp messages, you can also watch the video above for clear details. Do share whatever other method that you use to see deleted WhatsApp messages in the comments section below.


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