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How to Make Money on Instagram: The Complete Step By Step Guide

You’ve probably heard of certain people that make money on Instagram monthly, maybe some of them are your friends and you start to wonder. The question you would ask yourself is “Can I make money on instagram too?” The answer is straight “yes you can”. Anyone can make money on Instagram as far as you know how. We’ll be giving you the step by step procedure of how you too can make money on Instagram. We already showed you how to make money on Facebook.

how to make money on Instagram

So, here’s a quick step by step guide to help you make money on Instagram.

Decide between iOS or Android

Except if you are an expert picture taker, you needn’t bother with a “genuine” camera to succeed on Instagram. So, the choice is genuinely basic: iOS or Android?

iOS is better if you’re going to be taking a lot of photos with your phone because their camera quality is superior to that of most android devices. Except, you’re using a high-end Android smartphone like the Galaxy Note 9.

Install the suitable applications

There are a lot of applications that help in your use of Instagram and help maximize potential. Some of the popular ones are:

Swift keyboard: This keyboard helps you autocorrect words typed in and also suggest words as you type, making your typing easier and faster. The app also saves your frequently used words or hashtags and suggests them as you type. There by making it your personal typing assistant. Those saved hashtags will get you tons of followers on the platform.

Add Watermark Pro (Android) or iWatermark (IOS): It is nice to put a watermark on your photographs and make it clear that they are yours. Remember, the watermark should be small enough as not to distort the image but still visible. You have to keep in mind that people still photos on that platform to create a fake account.

Configure and Protect Your Account

Now that you’re ready to create your Instagram account, you need to know that getting it the first time is important. So, you take the following into consideration:

Make Your Bio Interesting: Most users are skeptical about following a new account, so you have to catch their attention within seconds. Hence, it’s better to keep it short with 4-5 lines and ensure high professionalism.

Profile Picture: Your profile picture can make or mar your Instagram career. Therefore, carefully select the picture that clearly describes you and what you do. And remember, only use your best picture as your profile photo.

Ready to Post and Make Money on Instagram

Now you’re ready to start to awe the world with your photographs. I prescribe that you follow these tips below to get the maximum reach for your post. You can only start charging for sponsored posts if you have a massive following.

• Use only photos that are not less than 1080 x 1080 pixels

• Carefully craft the description, as the description can determine how far the photo will go on Instagram. Be controversial, if possible.

• Use three to five hashtags that summarizes the photo and description. Make sure the hashtag is trendy.

• Tag different accounts that you count to be related to your profile or post. They might repost.

• Determine the best time to post because you’re guaranteed of better reach if there are a lot of users online when you post as they’ll likely see your post in their feed.


Knowing that you intend to grow your Instagram followers, as that will serve as source of income and let you make money on Instagram, you need to know who are your followers? What age range? Where are they mostly located? What are their interests? Knowing this helps you catch their attention the more and they may even share your posts on their own page for their followers to see. For this, you can use online tools like Iconosquare.com, SocialBlade.com and SocialRank.com

Time to progress!

Have you followed all steps from 1 to 5 and still not much followers? Try not to give up! You just need a little persistence and to follow these tips:

• Focus on something others are not doing yet. It is demanding to come up with something unique. But trust me, when you do, growing will be easy.

• Consider paying other Instagram users with good number of followers to make a sponsored post about what you do.

• Don’t take shortcuts like using bots to get followers or likes. It’ll hurt you eventually.

Remember, this stage determines whether you’ll be able to make money on Instagram or not and how much you can make. Because, the more people you have as followers, the more you can bill clients to use your Instagram account for promotion.


Now that you have good number of followers, it’s time to make money on Instagram with that number. Join influencer communities to see businesses you can send offers to. Make posts that suggest you can help businesses promote their business. And over time, businesses will reach out to you to help promote their product or service, and that’s where the money comes from.


So, there you have it – How you can make money on Instagram in 7 easy steps. Anyone can make start making huge bucks on Instagram, as long as you follow the above guidelines. Not that this takes time and effort, so patience is key!

In the video above, Michael showed us how to make up to $1,000 a day on the platform. Do you think it’s possible?


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