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Hanbit America: The Tech Company Behind Pepper Pad

Hanbit America is the tech company behind Pepper Pad, a Linux-based mobile computer that boasts of Internet capability and can also be used as a handheld game console. The company provides wireless devices, applications and offers software solutions. They are also well known for their web devices and consulting services. Hanbit America, LLC is based in the United States of America, specifically Minneapolis, Minnesota. They run the website www.hanbitamerica.com.

Popular for creating Pepper Pad which can also be used portable multimedia device, the device came with both Bluetooth 2.0 and WiFi technologies. They released a sequel, which is the Pepper Pad 2 and later on, a third variant was introduced as well. The Pepper Pad 3 features a split QWERTY button keyboard and an built-in microphone. There’s a video camera and stereo speakers as well.

Hanbit America

Hanbit America released it in 2006. It’s also equipped with an Infra-Red receiver and transmitter. The device was built around a 7-inch LCD touchscreen with 800 x 480 pixels in resolution and comes with a Stylus Pen. It comes with a 20 or 30 GB hard disk, accompanied by a 256MB RAM, 256KB ROM and AMD CPU.

Specifically AMD Geode CPU, which reaches a 533 MHz clock speed, x86 instruction set with MMX and 3DNow extensions, integrated north bridge, graphics controller and PCI bridge. Although it looks like a gaming smartphone in this 21st century but it’s clearly not like Asus ROG Phone or Xiaomi’s Black Shark.

The software is Linux (2.6 kernel) which offers all the open source features. However, Pepper Computer, Inc. announced that they have stopped operations of the Pepper Pad web computers or Pepper Linux. Hence, there’s no support or sales of these products again.

Will Hanbit America launch another Pepper Pad?

Pepper Computer and Hanbit America work hand in hand, there’s no news if there will be a Pad 4. But we’re really hoping there will be, anyways, we will update this post if we hear anything new.


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