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Fatal Raid MOD APK Hack + Unlimited Money

Download Fatal Raid MOD APK hack free latest version offline, with cheats and unlock all coins. Fatal Raid is a shooting game based on zombie apocalypse theme, which tells the story of Nova Legacy City being ravaged by blood thirsty zombies. However, there was a little of survival through a group called “Elites super soldiers”, who will fight back to reclaim back their almost ravaged city from the undead.

Fatal Raid MOD APK

It is a First Person Shooter game and also an action filled game with lots of dangerous levels to cross, at the tip of your fingers. It features a quite impressive storyline that is complex, yet easy to play, a single player mode and realtime PvP battles to give you a full package game, all in one piece. It is generally an entertaining game, both in depth and in content, which draws you to play the game repeatedly without getting bored.

Apart from being story driven, it offers a compelling and rich single player experience, as you strive to discover the truth behind the happenings at Nova City. You will be guided by a cover mole, who will lead you to the city center, while fighting your way through the war ravaged streets. You will be surprise to find out that there are other enemies aside the zombies, that are standing on your way. The game features cut scenes and long hours of voice acting to fully draw you into the apocalyptic heart wreaking Nova City.

There are different types of weapons to unlock in the likes of; Shotguns for close distance targets, Assault rifles that can take out multiple targets, Sniper rifles for long distance targets and many other weapon types. There are also chainsaws and machetes featured in the game, which can be used when in dire need.

It also features boss fights where you will face epic fierce enemies during the last fight. This boss fight comes with special rewards and unique items to earn. Should in case the fight gets tougher for you to cope, you can bring in up to three friends to assist you as you out number your enemy in strength. It is an interesting multiplayer game that brings thrills and fun to whoever that plays the game

Fatal Raid Hack & Cheats

Features hacked version
MOD Coins
Unlock All
Upgrade Guide

The hack & cheats will help you purchase everything you want in the store, it should help you with unlimited coins as well. With this, you will be able to get weapons with various skins. To get upgrades as well then the Fatal Raid cheats download link below which has been heavily modified should also help you achieve that.

Latest Version Features

File Rating 4.2 Star
File Size 79MB
Age Rating 16+
Released & Platform iOS & Android
Play Store Download See Below

Download from Google Play

How To Download Fatal Raid MOD APK + OBB Offline

If you want to earn special rewards from clan wars faster, then the mod version below should help you with that and unlimited money.

Please NOTE that we reserve the right to remove the links whenever we want without prior notice. MobileCryptoTech.com don’t support downloading and hacking APK or MODed apps

Download MOD

• Just know that when the MOD version gets patched don’t worry, you can Download Freedom APK to MOD it yourself.

• Unzip/Extract the downloaded OBB and put it in path Sdcard>Android>OBB

• Install and Enjoy!


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