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How To Set Facebook Ads to Worldwide (Global) Audience

If Facebook doesn’t allow you to set Facebook Ads to Worldwide, then you need to read this post. Facebook ads is one of the most influential, talked about and cheap advertising platform you can use for your small business. Depending on your targeting audience, you can boost a Facebook page post to millions of people who might be interested in what you’re selling.

If you run a website and need visitors, you can run the “Drive traffic to your website” campaign. If you run low market conversions and emerging markets, you’ll get lots of clicks. For countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar Burma, Algeria you’ll get charged just $0.005 per click. However, if you target the United States, United Kingdom and other countries with high conversion, then get ready to spend up to $0.6 per click or even higher.

But what if you want to change your target audience to worldwide? Although Facebook doesn’t support this, because your audience will be too broad and difficult for advertising. You can set Facebook Ads to Worldwide by following the steps below.

How To Set Facebook Ads to Worldwide Global Audience

• Launch the Ads Manager App which can be found on the Google Play Store. (Make sure the one you’re downloading was created by Facebook).

• Login with the admin account details which will be used for targeting ads.

Facebook Ads to Worldwide

• Click on the “+” at the bottom right corner to start a Campaign.

Facebook Ads to Worldwide

• You can choose the options you want. Lets say “Drive traffic to your website”.

Facebook Ads to Worldwide

• Add the attractive image(s) you want to use to run the ads.

• Edit the headline, text or website to your taste.

Facebook Ads to Worldwide

• It’s time to create your audience, click on “create new audience”

Facebook Ads to Worldwide

• Click on “Locations”.

Facebook Ads to Worldwide

• Select “Edit”.

Facebook Ads to Worldwide

• Mark the box beside the United States (which is there by default).

Facebook Ads to Worldwide

• Tap on the trash can at the top right corner.

That’s it, since you have no target country, your ads will be shown worldwide.


This is how to set Facebook Ads to Worldwide. However, you should know that when you do this, Facebook will target countries like Nepal, Myanmar Burma, Bangladesh and Algeria. Did it work for you? Let us know below!


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