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Exclusive: HiSense launches the King Kong 4500 & 8000 with Helio P70

As one of the leading companies in the home appliance industry, Hisense’s desire to survive in the mobile phone market is obviously stronger than that of other home appliance companies. Since its development, Hisense’s products have been clearly defined, and the low, medium and high-end products are complete.

Among them, the King Kong series has been established for a long time. The main goal of this series is to gain users who pay attention to the two-piece battery life/business safety. The King Kong series products have indeed done a good job on these two points. 

Although the King Kong 5 series has just been listed, the Hisense King Kong series has recently ushered in new products. The Hisense King Kong 8000 and King Kong 4500 new models are on the market. In addition to continuing the long-lasting and tough design of the King Kong series, King Kong 8000 and King Kong 4500 also bring a more attractive price. 

The first on the list is the Hisense King Kong 8000. This product is close to the King Kong 5 series in terms of design. Because of the flat metal middle frame and the minimal diamond cut geometric line design, King Kong 8000 can still give a tough feeling.

With the new magnetron plating process, the back of King Kong 8000 also has a mirrory texture that looks very eye-catching at first glance. At the same time, Hisense King Kong 8000 uses a waterdrop screen, the specification is 6.53-inch FHD+, and the screen ratio is as high as 91.14%.

In the battery life part, Hisense King Kong 8000 uses the battery capacity as the model name. The mobile phone itself comes with a 4500mAh battery, but it also has a charging back clip accessory. The charging back clip has a 3500 mAh battery, which adds up to the 8000mAh of King Kong 8000. Power, plus the three smart energy-saving technologies of King Kong 8000, the battery life of this phone is worth looking forward to.

Moreover, this charging back clip is designed with a circular charging indicator around the fingerprint key area to visually see the charging progress. Not only that, the charging back clip of King Kong 8000 can also realize the role of protective cover, 1.5m drop protection without pressure. 

In other respects, King Kong 8000 is the first of its kind to use MediaTek Helio P70 eight-core processor products, running memory up to 6GB, internal storage space of 64G, equipped with 13 + 2 million pixels rear dual camera and 8 million front, support for face / fingerprint identification and full Netcom network. The customized system integrates security protection 5.0 to protect user privacy information, and also includes a series of business functions such as smart map, scan translation, business card scanning, and voice transcription. 

While the King Kong 4500 is equipped with a smaller 6.21-inch HD+ drop screen, but the screen ratio is lower than that of King Kong 8000. The processor is Snapdragon 439, the memory is 4+64G, and the other has 13 million pixels and 8 million pixels.

Hisense King Kong 4500 is equipped with face recognition technology, does not support fingerprint recognition, also supports full Netcom network and security protection functions, and also designed entity AI shortcuts like King Kong 5 series. 

The King Kong 4500 does not have the back clip blessing like the King Kong 8000. It has only 4500mAh battery capacity. According to official data, the King Kong 4500 can reach 10.5 hours of continuous games and 15.3 hours of continuous video endurance. The battery life is good. 

Hisense King Kong 8000 and King Kong 4500 have started to make appointments on the official online channels of Hisense. On May 20th, the online starter, including King Kong 8000 for 1499 yuan, King Kong 4500 for 899 yuan, reservation. Which is basically $219 and $129 in foreign currency.

The top 500 users who purchase King Kong 8000 will get the charging back clip, and the top 200 users who purchase the King Kong 4500 will get free headphones. 

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