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Exarpy Wallet Review: See Why It Is The Best Wallet To Store Your Ripple

Exarpy wallet is an incredibly fast, reliable and secure wallet to store your Ripple online. There isn’t much of an option to store your Ripple on the internet with lots of hardware wallets in circulation. Hardware wallets like Trezor Wallet and Ledger Nano S are great, but you can’t compare them to an online wallet. Well, Exarpy breaks norm and guarantees users of the safety of their wallets. According to the platform, they offer an access-anywhere-you-go Ripple warm-wallet. Wherever you are with an internet connection, you can easily access your Ripple and use it the way you like.

What is Exarpy Wallet?

Exarpy Wallet

Exarpy wallet is a very secure online Ripple wallet that stores all of your Ripples safely. Personally, I really like the platform and how simple and straightforward it is. Unlike Coinpayments which supports lots of Cryptocurrencies, Exarpy only supports Ripple and stores them for you safely.

How To Register and Use Exarpy Wallet?

Anyone can register and use the wallet, all you need to do is follow these simple steps below and you will have a Ripple wallet within seconds.

• Go to exarpy.com

• Click on “Create Your First Wallet”

You will be directed to a page with a message that reads “To continue, please disconnect this device* from the internet, Wi-Fi, and, if applicable, its cellular network.”

Exarpy Wallet

• You have to disconnect your internet and WiFi in order to secure your PIN from the preying eyes of the internet.

Exarpy Wallet

After disconnecting, you will automatically be directed to a page where you will be asked to the above terms and “Choose your PIN”.

Exarpy Wallet

Then you will be asked to choose 16 numbers which you have to keep somewhere safe because you will need it later on to access your wallet. You will also be given a Pin and Secret Key. You can now turn on your data and WiFi connection and securely login using your verification code and PIN.

What You Should Know About Exarpy

Please note that a minimum of 20 XRP is required by Ripple to activate a new wallet; anything less than 20 XRP will be lost forever. This is done to prevent spam, well since 20 XRP is less than $20 it shouldn’t be a problem right? You would be provided links of where to securely buy your first XRP if you wish and where you can change from other Cryptocurrencies to XRP as well.

Nonetheless, your XRP wallet address will be shown to you so you can now receive coins. Yes, you don’t need an email address or password to own a Exarpy wallet and start storing Ripple. This is more secure and convenient, just make sure you don’t forget your verification code, pin and secret key. Have you used Exarpy before? Let us know in the comments section below.


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