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Ecomhunt Review: Know The Pricing, Free Trial & Alternatives

If you own an online store or you are into dropshipping, then we definitely need to know about ecomhunt. Ecomhunt is a website created specifically to help people who own an online store buy products that can be sold with profit that are also in demand and isn’t saturated. What this means is that you as a store owner don’t have to do any work, like looking for a product to buy and then hoping people will like the product.



Ecomhunt takes care of all that and makes sure that the product it puts up on his website are product people actually want and not enough people are selling which makes the sales conversion high. With this website, you can actually run a drop-shipping business with guaranteed profits when you buy and sell at the stipulated price given to you by ecomhunt, unlike Amazon.


Now, there are a lot of other websites offer the same services as this and whether or not this is better than the other is left for you to decide. You can find them at the bottom of this article. However, I will say that if you are planning to go into dropshipping or you only store where you sell products then you most likely need a website like ecomhunt. Not only does the website show you products that are in demand for you to buy and sell at the stipulated price to make a profit, but it also shows you the customer reviews of people that have actually use said products.


Aside from that, the website also shows you analytics as well as engagements said products so that you get an idea of how in-demand the product is. The website refreshes every single day and adds new products for users to buy for their store. You can also save a product for later if you don’t want to buy it at the moment or have your money tied down on another product wish you are yet to sell.

How Ecomhunt Works

Their business model is pretty simple, first, they scan the web and online stores like Facebook and AliExpress amongst others to find the top four or more products which are in demand and have good reviews. Next, they check the price at which the consumers are willing to pay for such products and how much the product actually costs.

This is perhaps the tricky part as they now have to make sure that the cost price and the selling price have a good profit margin between them. Once a product checks all the right both boxes, it gets added to the website which allows their users to see the product as well as other details like the recommended buy and sell price, the engagements, the links and other details that have been gathered about the product.

Ecomhunt Pricing

However, in order to see the products or rather, we have to buy the products from you will have to pay a fee of $29 per month. Once you pay the required amount, you will not be able to say all the products that get added to the website every single day for the duration of 30 days. Which this, it is now up to the users of the website to buy the products at the stipulated price and put it up for sale at the recommended resale price or any selling price they deem fit on their own store.


That is not all, Ecomhunt also offers webinars and training for people who are new to the whole idea of drop-shipping as well as People who also want to polish their skills further. The webinars and training are also covered under the monthly fee of $29, so once you pay that for the month, you are not only getting the products and the website you are also getting free training on how to take your dropshipping skills to the next level. Visit Ecomhunt.com today to know more.


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