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Despite 80% drop in price, the number of crypto users doubles in Q4 2018

There’s been a new massive inflow of crypto users into the crypto world. With 50% of them opening a Blockchain wallet and buying a few Bitcoins.

Despite the massive drop in price these past few weeks, the number of cryptocurrency users have almost doubled, according to a data published by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance.

The institution estimated the numbers earlier in the year at 18 million users, saying “at least 18 million people own a cryptocurrency”. But the new data has almost doubled, with over 35 million people owning a cryptocurrency.

Of course, this new data figures would comfort investors who were thinking of pulling out with the current shaky crypto market.

With millions of new users registering on crypto trading platforms this year, it’s not surprising that “What is Bitcoin” topped Google Search in the United States and United Kingdom for the year 2018.

Crypto Service Providers are also on the rise in Netherlands. Pushing the Central Bank of Netherlands to issue a statement saying “crypto service providers in the Dutch country will soon have to obtain a licence for their operations in the country”.

When asked if the Netherlands will consider banning cryptocurrencies due to its high scam characteristics. The Dutch central bank stated that “virtual currencies isn’t real money but we aren’t considering banning them.”


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