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Cryptos crash after a guy was tortured by his friends to get his wallet password

Some group of young men broke into their friend’s apartment and tortured him to gain access to his wallet. It was said that this group of young men went to have fun and drink when they forcefully gained access into their friend’s apartment and began to torture him to give them his secret keys to his Crypto wallet.

The Victim by name Nicholas Truglia, 27, didn’t know his friends could go to the extreme for money. The case was reported to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office where they discovered from the surveillance footage that the culprits escaped at about 2 hours later.

Other items including his iPhone and laptop were stolen and was later returned the next day. Though, the prosecution didn’t disclose the type of cryptocurrency that was stolen and the culprits were charged with second-degree burglary.

But can this be what affected the cryptocurrency market cause in the past 24hours the Crypto world has been unstable as the top 10 Cryptos lost some percentages from their worth.

Bitcoin which is the largest crypto came down to $6,487 from $6,537 losing about 0.66%. Bitcoincash lost 3.22%, it went down from $619 to $596.

Ethereum crashed down to $214 from $218, it lost about 1.56%. Monero lost 0.72%, it went from $111 to $110. Eos came down also to $5.54 from $5.65, losing 1.65%.

Zcash on the other hand gained 0.08% to its worth, it went higher from $126 to $128, making it the top performer in the top 10 today.

Whereas Ripple and Litecoin lost 4.65% and 1.12%. Ripple went down to $0.511 from $0.540, while Litecoin went down also to $53 from $54.


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