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Cryptocurrencies Has The Potential To Help The Poor – Bill Gates

The world’s second richest man has dropped his two cents about digital currencies, again. According to the 63 years-old philanthropist and business magnate, “digital currency will help the poor”, he stated in a recent interview.

Gates, who is worth over 96.1 billion USD also said that poor people have the assets to make something from it, but they lack the means to insure themselves against risk and capitalize on the opportunities in cryptocurrencies.

He also insisted there need to be policy changes to ensure that the poor engage with the newer technology and know more about Blockchain. There should also be a measurement system that tracks progress to make sure that people really benefit from financial activity.

These two things should be prioritized for the future of cryptocurrencies and digital currencies altogether, according to the second richest man in the world.

This is coming after over 30% of professional freelancers in the US within the ‘millennial’ age group said they would prefer to receive payments in cryptocurrency rather than fiat.

This is according to a survey conducted by Humans.net, an online freelancer platform in the United States. Furthermore, 4% are already receiving payments in Bitcoin or Ethereum, while over 11% said the option of both cryptocurrencies and fiat is pretty much welcomed.


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