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Blockchain Customer Service Number and How To Contact Them

If you’re looking for Blockchain Customer Service Number and how to chat with them online easily through support or by submitting a ticket then you’re on the right page. Blockchain is definitely one of the most used and popular cryptocurrency wallet. It’s very easy to use and lets you transfer funds easily within seconds. Recently, Blockchain now supports Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

Blockchain Customer Service

There are lots of reasons why you might want to contact Blockchain wallet support number or Blockchain Customer Service Number. Or maybe you just want to submit a ticket? Maybe you want to ask some questions about how to get started with the app or how to use it to transfer Bitcoins, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. Lets say you just need general tutorial and guide or common issues about the wallet functions.

Blockchain Customer Service Email (Customer Care Support Email)

The best way to contact Blockchain is by sending them a mail, although it might take hours or even days before they reply to you but if your enquiry or predicament is serious enough they might reply sooner. All you need to do is send them a mail to the email below and wait, that’s it.

• Email: wallet@blockchain.info

Blockchain Customer Service Number (Customer Care Support Number)

If what you want them to do for you is really urgent then I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do about that. We have seen a lot of number going around with people claiming it’s Blockchain Wallet support number. That’s a lie and probably scam, Blockchain.info doesn’t have any phone number that can be reached by the general public.

The platform has over 28 million wallets and $200B transacted, it’s almost impossible to reply to the general public by a phone number. I’ve seen numbers like this +1-(888)-753+8111 and +1-(888)-4118901 trending as Blockchain numbers but they are all fake. You can send them a mail to the email above or visit the FAQ section on the company’s official website.

Blockchain Customer Service Live Chat (Customer Care Support Chat)

You can’t have a live chat with Blockchain.info customer care representatives. Well, at least not yet. With over 28 million wallets, Blockchain.info will have to employ thousands of customer support reps for that.


  1. Hi, I am your user and I have some cryptocurrencies on my Blockchain wallet. I heard that you have in some countries your ATMs. So please tell me where near or in what country or town you have your ATMs set up. I live in Skopje, N. Macedonia, so I would like to know where near I could withdraw funds from my Blockchain wallet.
    Thank you


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