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BitcoinCash, Tron, ADA and More Gained To Their Prices

The cryptocurrency market is doing fine as each of the coin are gaining some percentages to their prices. These has made the total crypto market capitalization to likely witness an upside break above $135.00Billion level.

Bitcoincash is now trading at $160 after witnessing a downside correction against the US dollar. Though Bitcoincash is still facing some challenges on the upside and if there is a downside correction Bitcoincash might start trading at $155 or $150.

EOS gained $2.80 to its price recently and investors where successful in letting it gain $2.90 as to $2.80 and it might also go high to $3.00 if investors or buyers are consistent.

Tron has been doing well lately as it gained 20% to its price and broke the $0.0250 and $0.0280 resistance, if it continues like this it will move higher. Cardano on the other hand gained 8% to its price and broke the resistance level with $0.0520 and $0.0540.

ADA also is now trading at $0.0520 and we hope it breaks the resistance level with $0.0550. In the total cryptocurrecy market capitalization hourly chat, a strong support is formed near the $132.00Billion and it looks like there is a breakout pattern formed with the resistance at $135.00Billion.

If this breakout is successful there will be more gain for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Tron, EOS and many more cryptocurrencies.


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