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Bitcoin reaches new all-time low, further dips seems likely

The flagship coin, Bitcoin has reached a new 2018 all-time low, trading at just $3,200 today. Even though other cryptocurrencies didn’t see major reduction in price, Bitcoin might reach below $2,999 before 2019 if the sell-off continues.

We previously reported about how lots of Chinese miners are shutting down their businesses and the massive sell-off by the crypto community. Overall, all cryptocurrencies has lost almost 80% in market capitalization since January.

CEO of Circle Invest went ahead to assure investors that Bitcoin will be worth much more in the next three tears, telling them not to sell off their precious coins.

In a recent interview, he said there will be millions of tokens in the coming years as almost every financial asset will be tokenized.

Dashcoin is now trading at just $53, while one Litecoin can be bought with just $20. Ethereum is trading at $80, same price with Bitcoincash.

Other cryptocurrencies are at their lowest price ever this year and more drops are expected in the coming weeks.


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