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Bitcoin Now Selling In Tobacco Shops In Paris

Bitcoin is now being sold in some tobacco shops in Paris despite the regulatory uncertainty. According to a newspaper in the name of Reuters, Bitcoin can now be bought at about six tobacco shops in Paris.

Though another French magazine said that about 24 tobacco shops are selling Bitcoin and they are backed by a French cryptocurrency wallet provider in the name of Keplerk.

Another magazine in the name of Capital said that people can buy Bitcoin from the tobacco shops for 50, 100 to 250 euros and the sellers in the tobacco shops gives customers a QR code and an alphanumeric code which should be used to purchase Bitcoin from the website of Keplerk.

Capital Magazine also said that Keplerk collects a 7 percentage fee on each payment and 1.25 of the said amount goes to the tobacco shop.

Keplerk’s co-founder in the name of Adil Zakhar told Reuter’s magazine that they plan to take this project to at least 6,500 tobacco shops by February.

Sometimes back, the French stock market regulator (AMF) once made a statement telling the public about the risk of cryptocurrencies.

The AMF also said that the legal entity behind Keplerk was not licensed by the French government. However, the French government did not impose any ban on selling Bitcoin in tobacco shops.

We hope that other tobacco shops start selling Bitcoin and other cryprocurrencies. However, this is a good news I must say!


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