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“Bitcoin is dead” – Bitcoin millionaire, Erik Finman

One of the early adopters of the flagship coin has aired his opinion about the cryptocurrency after the market saw one of the worst price depreciation in recent years. It’s no news that the whole cryptocurrency market has been bleeding these past few weeks.

Investors are even going as far as selling off their coins and moving on, after the price fell below the mining cost. Now, Erik Finman who is one of the first and popular adopters of Bitcoin has put the cryptocurrency on blast.

The teenager who became a Bitcoin millionaire during the 2017 bull run, said the cryptocurrency is dead in an interview with MarketWatch.

According to him, “Bitcoin is dead, it’s too fragmented, there’s tons of infighting I just don’t think it will last. It may have a bull market or two left in it, but long-term, its dead.”

He also dragged Litecoin into his speech, saying that the seventh-largest cryptocurrency in the world has been dead for a while. “It’s like when the sun is going down and there’s that eight minute period just before it goes dark. Litecoin is in its seventh minute”, he explained.

Although he also noted that the cryptocurrency market has a potential to succeed, saying Ethereum, ZCash and Bitcoin Cash are the ones with good potential at the moment.


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