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Bitcoin goes up a little, as other Cryptocurrencies crash

There has been a level of unstability in the cryptocurrency world these past days as the prices of the top 20 performing cryprocurrencies has been fluntuating. However, over the past 24 hours there has been some sort of stability as some cryptocurrencies added to their worth while some cryptocurrencies prices crashed down.

Having experienced some major loses, Bitcoin has added 0.61% to its worth going from $6,468 to $6,507. The CEO of deVere group, Nigel Green believes that an upswing is coming as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) will drive the Bitcoin crypto price higher by this year end.

Although Etherum went from $203 to $204, gaining about 0.41%. Litecoin on the other hand is down to a negligible 0.12% on the day, trading at around $52.582. While Ripple and Bitcoincash gained 0.31% and 0.75% to their worths respectively.

Monero also lost 0.35% of its price going from $109.380 to $108.132. Some other major Cryptocurrencies also gained some percentages to their worth while some of them experienced some major fall in their prices.

Some of the Cryptocurriencies that gained some addition to their prices include Dock, it gained 3.28% to it’s price in the past 24 hours trading at $0.273.

Elastos lost 14.49% of it’s worth in the past 24hours going from $8.717 to $7.398. Odyssey and Loom also suffered the same fate as they lost 1.91% and 1.29% of their prices respectively.


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