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BigSpy Chrome Extension Review & Pricing

In this article, we will be taking a look at the BigSpy Chrome Extension, which is an ads spy tool thst works on various major websites. 6 in total, including Facebook, Instagram, Admob, Twitter, Yahoo and Pinterest. The tool helps you to track adverts that are being run by different companies and business on these aforementioned websites which gives you an idea on how to effectively run your own ads on said platforms.



This is like having a man on the inside telling you what works and what does not so as to know how to better move going forward. A whole lot of businesses and companies use Facebook (which owns Instagram) to run ads very often, not to talk of the other 4 websites. This 6 websites together have over a billion users on the platform which bigspy monitors and provide detailed and useful statistics for effective advertising.

This reduces ads expenses for you and increases profitability because you will see what others are doing right with their ads and do the same or even better. When it comes down to BigSpy’s features, it has quite a lot to help you better your advertising.

BigSpy Features


Like the screening features which includes the keyword search, allows you see how well a keyword is doing like how many searches queries that keyword has gotten, if there are ads already with the keyword and also how well the available ads are doing.

It also has another screening feature called Marketing Objective which contains the page post engagements. This means how often and how well people are engaging with the post, from likes to comments to shares etc. Other screening features available in the BigSpy tool are;

  • Country: which allows you to sort ads by their country,

  • Creative Format Advertising: Tracking ads with Videos, pictures or carousels.

  • CTA Types: which includes ads with an action embedded like APPLY_NOW, BOOK_TRAVEL, BUY_NOW, BUY_TICKETS, CALL_NOW, CONTACT_US

Its can also be used to sort ads based on the time and date of the date, like setting it up to only tracks ads in the past one week only or for a particular month etc. Speaking of sorting ads, you can also do that for the most liked, most comments or most shared in other to know which ads are popular (the one with the most engagements).

Asides from being able to track, screen and sort ads with BigSpy, you can also use it to keep track of your competitor’s ads while also comparing it to yours in other to see which is doing better and which aspects, if any, you can improve on. Thanks to data BigSpy gathers, it is able to analyse the industry trend to give you a hint on what ads are getting the most engagements while also give you an idea on how to create ads that are bound to get engagements.

BigSpy Chrome Extension

BigSpy also a chrome extension which makes using the BigSpy ads tool a whole lot easier and to top it all off, the service is free and doesn’t require you to pay for anything. All you just have to do is create an account and you’re good to go. Using the chrome extension is optional but highly recommended. Visit their website to get started (bigspy.com).


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