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Best Prediction Sites For Cryptocurrency Price: See This Before You Invest

Are you looking for the best prediction sites for cryptocurrency? Then you’re on the right page. Cryptocurrencies have made a lot of people billionaires overnight. We saw this with Bitcoin and Ethereum when they were worth about $100 and $1 respectively. The people who took the risk and bought enough then now has over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

best prediction sites for cryptocurrency

Notwithstanding, we’ve seen some cryptocurrency gone down the hill without ever coming back up, especially Zcash. The coin crashed from $2,500 in 2016 and has not even gotten back to $1,000 ever since. Now, if you had invested in Zcash in 2016, you dare not sell it till now and the price still hasn’t gone up. How frustrating could that be? That’s why you need to know the coins/cryptocurrency that has a promising future before you invest or buy that coin.

There are a lot of websites that predicts the price of the coins, however, we will be listing the best prediction sites for cryptocurrency below. You need to know all these sites and visit them often, each websites uses their own algorithm to predict the price of a particular currency and most times it always comes out true.

1. Longforecast.com

Longforecast is known as one of the best prediction sites for cryptocurrency, they predict cryptocurrencies for the long term with a detailed algorithm. You can see the minimum and maximum of each month, the price it will open and the price it will close. They predict all major cryptocurrencies, so you’re fully covered to know the one to invest in. The have predicted the prices up till 2022 right now.

2. Walletinvestor.com

Walletinvestor is a pretty reputable website that predicts cryptocurrencies, most especially bitcoins. They also predict them using Facebook growth rate over the years, or using Google. You can also see the prediction prices of other cryptocurrencies either through the growth of “Smartphone”, “Internet Users”, “PayPal” or “Data Increase”.

3. Coinspectator.com

Just as the name suggests, coinspectator predicts the price of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin and others. The website does this through blog posts and you have to be visiting the site in other to follow up with the predictions.


There are a lot of coin prediction site out there, but these three does it for me, especially longforecast.com. You have to keep it in mind that the prices on this site are just predictions and may NOT come true.


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