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Best Places To Land In PUBG Mobile Erangel

We will be showing you the best places to land in PUBG Mobile Erangel Map. Choosing a place to land in PUBG Mobile is probably the most difficult decision one has to make in the game. The place you land might as well determine if you’ll be bringing home the chicken for dinner or if you’ll get shot right out of the sky before you even land. Either way, we will be taking our time to explain the map and help you figure out the best places to land.

Best Places To Land In PUBG Mobile Erangel Map

Best Places To Land In PUBG Mobile Erangel

The best places to land in PUBG Mobile Erangel depends solely on your gameplan and style. Some people want to land in a fairly quite place with less people traffic and decent amount of loot, load up on supplies before heading to war while others just want to land straight into action. Each one has its perks and also its downsides.

If you are the kind of person than want to load up on supplies before heading out to war then you’ll find the Map below a lot helpful as we’ve pointed out the best places we feel with low people traffic (In orange arrows) and places with high people traffic to avoid ( In Red Circles).

Best Places To Land In PUBG Mobile Erangel

From the above map, you’ll see that places with less people traffic are usually the ones on the outskirts of the map. This is because most people hate traveling long distances as the blue circle closes in so you have to use that as an advantage to land in those Places. However, you’ll have to loot fast and get to a nearby vehicle just incase the safe zone appears and you’re far from it.

If you prefer to land straight into the action then you should just land in Pochinki and School and sometimes the military base. These are the places for you. These Location are usually closer to the safe zone when it appears and you can, at most times get to it on foot so you don’t have to bother about getting a vehicle. All you have to be concerned with is staying alive as these two Locations have High people traffic who are usually out for blood.

Best Places To Land In PUBG Mobile Erangel

The above are just my opinions and below are the list of all the Locations in the PUBG Mobile Erangel Map, People Traffic, Loot Availability, Vehicle Availability and Proximity To Safe Zone.

See The Best Places To Land In PUBG Mobile Erangel Map By Scrolling Down Below



































































































Map Name People Traffic Loot Availability Vehicle Availability Proximity To Safe Zone
Zharki Low Medium Medium Low
Georgopool Medium High Medium Medium
Hospital Low Low Medium Medium
Gatka Low Low Low Medium
Quarry Medium Low Low Medium
Ferry Pier Medium Medium Low Low
Primorsk Medium High Low Low
Shooting Range Low Low Low Medium
Ruins Low Medium Low High
Pochinki High High Medium High
School High High Low High
Rozhok Medium High Medium Medium
Severny Low Medium High Low
Sosnovka Military Base High High High Low
Farm Low Medium Low High
Stalber Low Medium Low Low
Yasnaya Polyana Medium Medium Medium Medium
Mylta High High Medium Medium
Mansion Medium Medium Low Medium
Prison Medium Medium Low Low
Shelter Low High Low High
Novorepnoya Low Medium Low Low
Kameshki Low Medium Medium Low
Lipovka Low Medium Medium Low
Mylta Power Medium High Medium Low


Have any suggestions or counter-opinions ? Do let us know using the comment section down below and we’ll update the table accordingly.


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