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Americans want Wells Fargo to adopt Crypto after “System Failure”

Customers of Wells Fargo bank are in for it as the bank’s system has been down for a while. Wells Fergo which is the 13th largest bank in the world has had a lot to deal with in the past week as numerous complaints from users kept coming as users couldn’t transact on the platform.

Some are even demanding for a refund, while others have not been able to use their ATM, credit card or even access the online banking. A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are now using this issue to create awareness about why people need to switch to cryptocurrency for financial transactions.

Though Wells Fargo has apologized for the downtime and attending to customer complaints swiftly, the issue still remain unsolved as customers are still finding it hard to send or receive payments on their platform.

The management of Wells Fargo said they’ve identified the number of affected customers and addressing the issue. They said the problem arose as a result of a breakdown in their core infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the bitcoin network has never failed users as it has been up for 99.98% of the time since inception. Meaning, cryptocurrency is more reliable than conventional banking nowadays.


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