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1Movies Website Gold Account: Download Movies Online

1Movies is a not so popular website with a ton of free movies and TV shows available for both streaming and downloading. The website is clean and doesn’t contain much popup ads like other movies and TV shows websites. This is perhaps why this website is among one of my favourites, well, after grab the beast. It also doesn’t really store any movies or TV shows on the website according to them, all they do is help you get a working link for both streaming and downloading of any movie or TV show you want and they do this perfectly well.

1Movies Proxy


Logging on to the website takes you to the homepage where you greeted with the user interface which some outstanding features. For starters, it has a universal search button at the very top of the website which can be used to search for any movie or TV show available on the website. At the top left of the website is the manual toggle who is bring down the list of different movie and TV show genre to choose from.

Series On 1Movies

These genres of series include categories like sitcom, comedy, action, drama, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller and much more. You can also search for a movie or TV show on the website by country/continent or by date of release. However, the countries/continent are available are just 11; Asia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, the United Kingdom, international and France.


If you also want to only download or stream movies or TV shows made in a certain year, there is an option to select a year going as far back as 1994. So for example, if you want, let’s say a movie made in 2012, you can simply click on the year 2012 and the website will only show the movies and TV shows made in that particular year.

Aside from the clean user interface and well-organised categories, 1movies also loads pretty fast. Now that we know all about 1movies, let us go ahead and download from the website.

How To Download From 1movies.la

  • first things first, you have to visit on to the website (1movies.la) with any browser that has a good download manager if you want to download. If you want to stream, then you would need to use a browser with a good media player.

  • once you’re on the website, you can easily use the search bar at the top of the website to search for any movie or TV show you want. Alternatively, you can use the category section to search for movies or TV shows you like. You can also just scroll down on the home page to view the latest movies and recent episodes of ongoing TV shows.

  • choose a movie or TV show to download or stream and click on it, this will take you to the description page where you will see the video quality of the movie or the episode of the TV show as well as other details like the name of the actors in The movie or TV show, The genre, the county, how many minutes it is and of course, the rating.

  • On the description page, you will see the download and stream button. If you want to stream, click on the stream option and if you want to download click on the download button. You should know that you need a 1movies account to be able to stream or download which to register for.

That’s pretty much it. You can now download and stream all the movies and TV shows you want on the website for free, like we posted about Netflix. If you run into any trouble why are you using the website be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.


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