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11 Suspects Arrested For Hacking Cryptocurrency Wallet Accounts

According to the Cybercrime Department of the Turkish National Police and Hürriyet Newspaper which is a major turkish newspaper reported that 11 people were involved in a case of hacking & stealing Cryptocurrencies from wallet accounts.

They hacked into about 14 people’s crypto wallet,(their bitcoin wallet to be precise) transferring more than $80,000 which is about 437,000 Turkish lira worth of BTC to other wallets.

However, the case was reported to the Turkish National Police and they took immediate action by arresting all the culprits while one was released on the condition of remaining under judicial control.

Items like fake identity cards, about 18 mobile phones, sim cards, 22 memory sticks and many more items were siezed from them. Well, because of this news the Top 10 cryptocurrencies as well as others suffered a slight loss in their prices in the past 24hours.

Though, there has been some insignificant flunctuations in their prices over the past weeks but within the past 24hours they experienced some loss in their worth. Bitcoin, which is the largest cryptocurrency value went from $6,475 to $6,433 losing 0.46% out of its worth.

Bitcoincash which is now the second in terms of market capitalization overtaking Ethereum from its spot lost 0.49% of it’s worth, it went from $573 to $566. Although it’s pretty strong because we reported yesterday about its increase of gaining over $100 in just 24 hours.

Zcash and Eos lost 1.82% and 0.90% of their prices respectively. Zcash went down to $119 from $122 while Eos went down to $5.473 from $5.533. Monero and Walton also suffered the same loss, Monero lost 1.62 % of its price, trading at $111 from $113 while Walton went from $3.26 to $3.21.

Other major crytocurrencies that where affected includes Litecoin and Ripple. They both lost 1.02% and 0.56%. Litecoin went down to $53 from $54 while Ripple went down to $0.464 from $0.469. Ethereum which is now the third in terms of market capitalization went from $210 to $208 losing about 0.25% of its worth.


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